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For Our Donors

Making a charitable gift to the Rifle Community Foundation, or establishing a charitable endowment with the Rifle Community Foundation, in conjunction with the Western Colorado Community Foundation, ensures the continuation of our valued heritage and way of life in Western Colorado. The Rifle Community Foundation can act as a tax-deductible conduit to accomplish specific charitable projects favored by a donor.

Among the funds RCF is prepared to implement are the following:

Donations can be accomplished by outright gifts, including gifts of appreciated property; trusts; irrevocable gifts with retained life estates; and bequests under the donor’s will. Any gifts will be gratefully acknowledged, but the donor may remain anonymous if he/she wishes.

If you are interested in making a charitable gift or establishing a charitable endowment, please contact any of our Board Members.

The Power of Endowment

“Endowment” is a fancy word for a permanent intention to support a charitable cause. When an endowment is established, it is intended to last, it is intended to grow, and it is intended to benefit a charitable cause.

An endowment is the “gift that keeps on growing, keeps on giving”. As the initial gift of a donor continues to grow through prudent asset management, it also produces earnings that are distributed according to the intentions of the donors. It is a very flexible way to assure a continuous stream of income for a purpose, organization, or area that is close to your heart. And an endowed fund is not “fancy”; it can be started with $5,000.

Rifle Community Foundation has chosen the Western Colorado Community Foundation (WCCF) to be its endowment partner. As a regional Foundation, WCCF has the longevity, structure, administrative office, and legal oversight to manage endowments established for the benefit of the Rifle Community. All required legal, tax and administrative requirements are handled by WCCF on behalf of the donor. If you are interested in this very flexible and permanent vehicle to support a favorite charitable organization, to memorialize a loved one, or simply to give back to your Community through the Rifle Community Foundation, please contact us.

Katherine Potter Mackley
Rifle Community Foundation liaison to Western Colorado Community Foundation